Tips to Choose Perfect Assisted Living Community

Choosing the right assisted living community is an important yet difficult decision. There are several factors which need to be evaluated before accepting a particular community for your retired loved one. Here is our list of things to look at before making this decision.

Cleanliness Level of Community

Maintaining a proper cleanliness level in an assisted living community is an important point. You can tell a lot about the condition of a facility, merely by observing its cleanliness level. Use your gut instinct and ask a lot of questions. You can inquire about the facility and their frequency of housekeeping services in personal living space and laundry services.

Staff Matters

Apart from the physical aspects, another important factor for an assisted living facility is the employees. You should pay proper attention to the behavior and attitude of employees. The workers should not only be friendly but also empathetic. They should be able and ready to hear your problems and should solve them within a reasonable period of time. Also, pay attention to the number of people employed. The underemployed assisted living facility is unlikely to provide prompt and required services. You should also try to meet the management team, in order to know them and understand their motivation.

Test Drive

Try to experience their services first hand. Visit an assisted living facility during one of their events. This way you will be able to see the type of activities arranged by the community. You should also try to see that they provide a good variety of food. The nutritional factor of meals should also be kept in mind.

Ask for Safety Measures

It is important that you also ask in detail about the safety and security measures that are in place at the senior living home.

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