Assisted Living with a Human Touch

More than half of the residents in assisted living communities across the United States are aged above 85 years of age. In most cases, these seniors are non-Hispanic, females and have age-related conditions. It is a misconception that by placing parents in a retirement home we are shrugging off responsibilities.  Caring for the elderly demands training and a lot of time – things that a working family might not be capable of. Alternatively, admitting the elderly into assisted living ensures better care and medical support.

Looking for an assisted living community near Lincoln?

If you are anywhere near Lincoln or Nebraska for the matter, Esprit Whispering Ridge is a popular assisted living center located in Omaha. A highly specialized infrastructure, Esprit Whispering Ridge also provides special Alzheimer care. Seniors with failing memory and motor capabilities are provided the best quality of treatment and care by trained staff and nurses.

Amazing advantages on the cards

Firstly, the most striking thing about Esprit Whispering Ridge is the location it is set in. Constructed amidst a beautiful natural setting, this would be the perfect place for any senior seeking peace of mind and solace. Conveniently located in Omaha, the facility provides proper connectivity to Lincoln and has fair policies that keep the elderly and their families happy and bonded. It is also among the few assisted living centers in Omaha that provide memory care treatment near Lincoln. As the saying goes, a man should go with his full senses, Esprit Whispering Ridge strives to make the life experience the most peaceful, happy and honorable for its residents. No complaints, no regrets, and a peaceful living!