Understanding Alzheimer’s and its Various Stages

Alzheimer’s is a fairly known disease, but most of us know very little about it. The disease can take effect years before showing any significant symptoms. It causes little changes to the brain that eventually lead to forgetfulness and general deterioration of brain cells. Lack of knowledge about the disease can affect the way you take care of your loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It’s important to know the stages of the disease so that you can take the necessary steps to arrange for Alzheimer’s care in Omaha NE that provides for those living with the disease.

Stage: 1 – Normal Outward Behavior

At this stage, the disease can only be picked up through a PET scan. The more visible signs of Alzheimer’s are clearly noticeable during later stages.

Stage: 2 – Very Mild Changes

The symptoms in this stage are similar to those one experiences as a result of old age. As a result, they will be difficult to spot, even by a doctor. Some of the symptoms include slight forgetfulness and misplacing things.

Stage: 3 – Mild Decline

Alzheimer’s indicators are more visible now. These include signs like:

Stage: 4 – Moderate Decline

In this stage, the previous signs are more pronounced and obvious with the addition of new issues related to thinking and reasoning.

Stage: 5 – Moderately Severe Decline

At this point, the above symptoms will amplify. Your loved one will have problems recalling things like phone numbers, his address, what to wear for the season and his school days.

Stage: 6 – Severe Decline

This is where the disease gets worse and your loved one starts displaying the following signs:

Arranging for an Omaha NE memory care facility would be advisable at this stage and beyond.

Stage: 7-Very Severe Decline

Basic activities, like walking, sitting and eating begin fading away, making the person completely dependent on round-the-clock care.

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